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welcome to raventech racing. performance parts and consultation for your japanese or euro car

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about us
Raventech Racing started in late 2009, with an aim to bring quality parts to Australia. We have been involved in tuning cars in Europe and Australia for over 10 years. Our focus is to provide customers with the best possible advice, to ensure they buy the right parts – first time.
We love all types of cars and we love pushing them hard in competition
We only recommend the best quality parts for your budget
We will always respond promptly, politely, honestly, and with your best interests in mind
We have spent many hours on European race tracks, testing and refining setup
Why buy AST ?
Besides tires, shock absorbers are among the most important parts on your car. They need to be perfectly matched to your springs, your driving style and your car overall.
  • price
    Consider what you get with AST products and the value for your money becomes self evident. All levels of AST shock absorber are hand built using brand new, custom housings. Even with the 4100 Series, you are getting the internals of the 3 way shock absorbers in a single adjustable coilover kit. Competitiors at or below AST prices simply do not offer the same high technology and features.
  • performance
    AST shock absorbers are monotube design for a reason; they perform better. When will you notice this? Big bumps in turns and fast transitions on the track / autocross course are where true premium shock absorber performance becomes evident. Ride in or drive any car with this level of shock absorber and you’ll know instantly why people buy them, they make the difference. Other non-monotube designs on the market exist for two reasons: comfort and cheaper manufacturing expense. These are two things you can do without when time on the track counts.
  • piston size
    AST's monotube design translates into a bigger piston. When you put AST shock absorbers on your car, you know that those big pistons can handle much larger loads. This translates directly into the ability to fine tune your shock absorbers. Other shock absorbers that use twin tubes have much smaller pistons; and that means less ability to handle performance loads and less flexibility when it comes to adjustments.
  • pressurization
    All of our shock absorbers are pressurized to a minimum of 175 psi with nitrogen. High pressurization keeps the oil from cavitating around the AST piston. Cavitation makes the shock absorber ineffective, pressurization makes a consistent environment for the shock absorber to do its job correctly with every stroke. Other lesser products (and even some more expensive ones) say they are pressurized, but they may be only 14 - 29 psi - not something you need on your mind when approaching the next curve.
Our Parts Suppliers
Here are just a few our preferred suppliers; they all represent our values of quality and function.
  • AST


  • Moton


  • Wavetrac


  • Mugen


  • OS Giken

    OS Giken

  • Swift


  • Advan


  • Project Mu

    Project Mu

  • Ikeya Formula

    Ikeya Formula

  • Hyperco